RedPhone Records Biography

The red phone is a symbol for emergency, whether for war or for an industry in shambles, the clear response is that when the president picks up the red phone its time for war. War against a music industry suffering from lack of sales, internet pirating, no talent overnight gimmicks, leading to the mistrust of consumers. RedPhone Records answers the call of duty, defying the odds & bringing reality back to the forfront of the hiphop scene.

Matt Charette - Co Owner and CEO

Just-1 - Co Owner and President

Matt Charette & RedPhone Records

Matt Charette has been life time friends with Just-1. In late 2008 Just-1 was ready to focus more seriously on music and he turned to the one person he could trust in this world and asked Matt one day in December of 08 if he would help him by trying to manage him. With only a laptop, a cellphone, a notebook, and an EP that Just-1 had just completed called "Blinded by the Truth" Matt started managing Just-1 the same night he was asked.

After a week or so of studying some of the most successful managers and labels in the industry that Matt could indentify, he started getting connects in relevant industry social networks, trying to make connections with label owners and a&r contacts, and working on building up a database.

Within three weeks of "shopping" the EP, Matt had secured Just-1's first record label deal. After serious consideration Just-1 believed there were better opportunities out there with other labels that he had in mind instead of the one that was offering the contract so Matt declined the offer from that label and continued on.

As Matt continued to work extremely diligently for Just-1 in 2009, Just-1 decided to put together a full length album with producer Nevahmind as they had great feedback and success from the "Blinded by the Turth" EP. Just-1 asked Matt to A&R the project and Matt started contacting the artists that Just-1 had asked him to have on the album as well as Matt was finding other artists he thought would be a great fit to collab with J1. So in late fall Just-1 finished up the album and Matt started contacting his connections he steadily built up everyday to that point.

There was great interest in the album by many great label owners and A&R agents but as Matt continuously was told how dope the album was with features from greats like Chino XL and Canibus among others, he was denied a contract for Just-1 repeatedly. As Matt began to learn the way this industry works he saw first hand what Just-1 was telling him for years, this is a fucked up business. Matt learned that regardless of how dope the album was that if you weren't best friends with someone or part of the inner network, artists with just talent really didn't stand a chance to make a name for themselves.

So in December Just and Matt decided to put out the album independently under their own unofficial record label RedPhone Records. Talking with many other talented artists it was quite apparent that Just-1 was not alone. So after having relatively great success selling a few hundred albums by themselves and with the help and support of many contacts that Matt make that year, Just and Matt decided to open the official record label RedPhone Records in March of 2010.

They decided to open this label as a platform for talented artists like Just-1 that were caught in the same BS this industry consumes people with. Shortly after opening the label Matt and Just-1 found three of the dopest artists in the game and very similar likeminded people to those of Matt and J1 in emcees Matt Maddox and Born Visionz, and producer Ganjak. They most recently have signed multi-talented emcee and producer NightWalker in June of 2010.

All of the mentioned artists will be dropping solo debut albums under RedPhone Record's label in 2010 or 2011 and Matt handles all the managerial duties for every artist that is signed to the label and all the day to day operations of the business side of the company. RedPhone has been gaining tremedous traction and recognition in the industry and is one of the few labels that is already seeing great success.


As a last note, there is one thing I can promise you. RedPhone records will succeed no question in my mind. RPR is of the people, by the people, and for the people and failure is not an option. I appreciate every one of you and with you we will make a difference. RedPhone Records All Day All the Way...The Take Over is happening...Let's GO!!!!!