Born Visionz

Involved heavily in the art of music Born started his quest into the world of playing and writing songs and using instruments at an early age. Adapting to early hip hop and various other music genres influenced this, In 1998 Born started playing the drums for a band in the vast local seen. Still with the love of hip hop in his veins and writing rhymes constantly the chance had to be made. Around late 1998 to 1999 he joined a small group known as dark legacy dropping various cd,s with classic material, after a fallout with the group Visionz decision to go solo became the best option recording tracks and continuing to write and perfect his craft. A few years past and the choice to hook up with Just-1 opened a door of the world again, recording none stop and dedication came strongly. Robots in the Attic the first solo project was in works with production from C.O.M,s Nevahmind and engineering from Just-1 the album dropped independently and did rather well. Between all this show were performed opening for acts such as Immortal Technique, Esham, ICP, Diabolic, ABK, Vast aire and more. With signing to red phone in 2010 the passion is still stronger than ever working on features, solo projects and taking the sound of red phone to a different direction with a distinctive voice and a particular writing pattern that keeps the listener guess every second of the way.