After listening different styles, he found his musical identity in Hip-Hop. He started to learn scratching in 2001 and a couple of months later he did the acquisition of a MPC to make his own beats...

Since 2005, he has collaborated with independent rap artists from France, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and USA as a beats producer of their albums. Ganjak recently signed to RedPhone records in March of 2010 and since has worked with label mates Just-1, Matt Maddox, Born Visionz and NightWalker. He most recently finished the Maddox album having produced over 50% of the tracks and mixed and mastered the entire album.

He's currently working on an album with US emcee Mic Daily and his own producer's album too.

Some other notible artist's he has worked with include: Canibus, Sadat X, Sabac Red, Lord Lhus, Esoteric,etc.

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