Godilla is an MC from the outskirts of PA (Easton). He released Suprilla "Highlights of a Lowlife" with producer Reign Supreme in 2006 which was met with rave reviews regionally. He then built an impressive resume working with well respected artists such as:King Magnetic, Reef The Lost Cauze, Edo G., Chino XL, Copywrite, Sha Stimuli among others. He then released "Jaguar Paw" digitally in 2009. The album feat. guest spots from independent heavyweights: Edo G, DJ Kwestion, The Snowgoons, UG of the Cella Dwellas, Mr. Voodoo of Natural Elements and King Magnetic. He is currently finishing up "Battlebeast-A Prelude To Human Zoo". "Battlebeast" is for the most part a collaboration album with features from his crew F-30 and well respected artists such as NINE, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Life Long and up and comers such as June Marx, Tone Liv.

Godilla is known for being a work horse and has kept busy with several appearances in between albums. He has been on albums by King Magnetic, DC The Midi Alien, June Marx, Lone Ninja, Access Immortal, Adlib, The White Shadow of Norway, Scarcity, Al Niks, Mark Deez and currently working on collabos with EQ, Banish, Words & Rhymes, Black Panther and a collabo album with Respect Tha God and Tone Liv, No stranger to live shows Godilla has shared the stage with notable performers such as Copywrite, NORE, G.Dep, UG of The Cella Dwellas, Reef The Lost Cauze, Jeru The Damaja, The Beatnuts, M1 and Pacewon


Suprilla "Highlights of a Lowlife"
Godilla "Jaguar Paw"
The Snowgoons "Black Snow" (Still Got The Ammo),
King Magnetic "Everything's A Gamble 1 & 2 (What It Is, The 5 Piece, Who Made The Rules and Don't Be Mad)
*The Co-Sign" *"The King and The Cauze" (Life On The Line and Snowgoons Freestyle
Armyfatique "The Initiation" (Fly Away)
Lone Ninja "Burnt Sector" (Overload)
June Marx "Body of God" (Silence The Traitors)
Adlib *"Say Hello To the Bad Guy" (The Union, Free For All, Red Rocket's Glare and The Conglomerate)
Brass Knuckle hustle" (Davy Jones, The League, Seek and Destroy and Witches Brew)
Mark Deez "The Oracle" (Build and Destroy)
The White Shadow of Norway "Destiny" (Liquid Swordplay)
Rap4Fam.de Sampler 3 "Sleep"
Access Immortal "Last Summer in Brooklyn 2" (Faith and a .45, )
DC The Midi Alien "Avengers Airwaves" (Soldiers/Survivors)
The Grim Reaperz "Fuck You". (Hand Signs)

*indicate Shadyville Mixtapes


Labor of Love Music
Rap for Ever
The Stash Box
The Hip Hop Head