After moving to Lawrence Mass. from the Bronx at the age of 4, the New York connection stayed strong and hiphop remained a large part of life for Just-1, at age 15 he perfomed for local community shows in the area. At 23 he grouped with his cousin Life Solar Allah, and formed "the red phone" (weapons of mass.)

Often overlooked due to politically inspired rhymes Just-1 has never conformed to the status quo, in 2005 Weapons of Mass performed at the annual Spanish Festival in Lawrence, Ma. and various local shows in the circuit at the time. Just-1 has opened for acts including Immortal Technique, Diabolic, ABK, ICP, Esham and Vast Aire.

A mixtape released in 2008 "No Justyce Know Piece" features Just-1 and Weapons of Mass, with production by Newborn and M3 is available for download at www.Datpiff.com.

Just-1 had since connected with exclusive producer Nevahmind from Sweden and quickly released "Blinded by the Truth EP" which started a buzz in the underground and the European music scene, they continued working together and created "Conspiracy of Mind".

The highly anticipated and much talked about group "Conspiracy of Mind" featuring emcee Just-1 and beat master Nevahmind had released their album "The Grand Deception" on Just-1s own Indie Label Red Phone Records Not even a day old and the feedback was coming in: Mista Montana Host of world renowned radio show Conspiracy Worldwide Radio says "Conspiracy of Mind's album is quite possibly Album of the Year"

Since the Single "Sabotage" feat. Chino XL was released and very well received, that was just a pre-cursor of what's in store, With a solid 20 Track strong hold, featuring some of the illest saving Hip Hop right now that includes Chino XL, Canibus, Phillip Morris, Adil Omar, Guerilla War Tactix, Dums from ACL, Prince EA, Born Visionz.

Conspiracy of Mind disbanded on good terms shortly after the release of The Grand Deception due to personal creative differences. Just-1 has since been focused on his Full feature length album TBA. Just1 is Also featured on fellow labelmate Matt Maddoxs upcoming album and is involved in the process of putting together Born Visionz debut release. As Co-Owner of RedPhone Records, Just-1 has helped in developing what is surely to be the stamp of a new era in music.

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