Madhandz, born In the small town of Kettering in the United Kingdom was first introduced to hip-hop at the young age of 9 by an older cousin after hearing him playing a NWA album and from that moment was hooked (maybe it was the curse words at first but either way it was the start of a lifelong journey in music!!!). After a few years of trying to get as much of the music as I could and starting secondary school (high school) I was introduced to a DJ, who unbeknowst to me, was future exDMC UK champion DJ Skully who took my under his wing and after hearing what music I already owned and was into started to let me use his turntables to play my records and practice on. After much begging I got my first set of turntables that Christmas and started to put everything into DJing, they were a set of belt drives with a simple mixer but thats all I needed in terms of learning to beat match, mix and start basic scratches and beat juggles on. After a few months of practicing non stop I started making mixes for school friends and after a local promoter of a monthly hip hop night got one I got approached to do a monthly hip hop night in my home town, after doing this and getting more confident in every aspect of DJing I saved and saved and bought my Technics and mixer that could handle the whole turntablism (scratching & beat juggling) scene. This is when I really got my head down and really got focused on producing better mixes with a proper intro, blending and getting freestyles and shouts from local artists as well as honing my skills in terms of beat juggling and scratching. After about 2 years locked in my room I finally had the confidence to start entering DJ battles and entered DMC, ITF, SEMC and so forth. Going ahead a few years and after seeing my videos on youtube I was aksed to do some cuts on a track for someone and after I did I knew that this was my next direction musicaly and since then I've busy doing just that, I've had the chance to work with Matt Maddox, Just-1, Tha Soloist, Configa, Mark Deez, Absoulut Karnage, La Dog and many more artitsts just for the love of music.

In 2011 I got the call from Matt at Redphone Records and now I'm looking foward to doing plenty of work for all artists on the Redphone Records roster.......LETS GO!!!!!


Midnight Train - Braile & Jonny Concrete (Marcus D Presents: Revival Of The Fittes)
Making My Escape - Cryptic (Reflective Soundwaves)
Various cuts for the producer M.A.S. and working on a remix EP with him
Various cuts for the producer Nizuk
All cuts on Configa Presents: Pac To The Essence
The Realness - Soulkeeper (produced by Keko)
Black Out and On Top - Mark Deez ( Boot Strap Theory)
Fall Back - Lu Chin (Produced by Fascist Beats)
Dark Forces - Dr. Creep (Pyramid Effect and The Sun Order)
All cuts for Abosulut Karnage on The Anomaly album
All cuts for Trash Gordon on Dumpster Diaries album
All cuts on La Dog's Escape From La La Land album (expect one!)
The RAPture - Big$hot (The #1 Contender Mix Tape)
Seven Headed Monster - Redphone Records Artists (War Criminals Present: Chronicles Of The Lost Warchild)
Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop - Ragz Sweet Jonez & Tony Mahoney (Folk Heros Of The Have Nots)
Information - Lifewhyz
Y'all Niggaz Talk To Much - Solomon Childs, Filithy Tarantino, Sinister Stricken (Mir The Bloody Presents: Lisbon Under Attack Vol. 2)
Calm Before The Storm and Lie To Kick It - Configa (Configa Presnts: Calm Before The Storm)
Various cuts for the Producer 6th Element
Neworldisorder - Inhumane Society (Polymathematics)
Knife Goes In Guts Come Out Remix - Trash Gordon and guests
Various cuts for the producer Magama
Cuts on RPGS: Redphone Gorillas
Cuts on Born Visionz upcoming album

Currently working on tracks for Configa, M9, White Shadow Of Norway, Tony Mahoney, Magikal Hoz, White Key Productions, Mir The Bloody, Blade Gordon,

Getting tracks together for my first collab compilation "Collaborative Efforts Vol. 1"

Doing a monthly mix of Golden Era 90's tracks in conjunction with Configa.