Tha Soloist

Is an American emcee from Jersey City, New Jersey. Tha Soloist grew up listening to artists like Rakim and Public Enemy, which is why he attempts to convey a message in each and every one of his songs. He was actually planning to pursue a career in Art before he ever picked up the pen.

1994 was a tragic time in his life. His father died of an overdose on April 11, a few days after Tha Soloist's birthday on April 7. He continued to draw yet still felt the need to express himself in other ways. He would stay home listening to albums by Hip-Hop Groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest while his friends were wondering what sneakers to buy.

His whole life changed in 1995 when he finally decided to try and write a few rhymes in his notebook.

"Bringin' in the Hip-Hop year of 9-5, Sippin' on OE, puffin' on lye, My lyrics are as natural as Lipton, Nothin' can stop me, not even Cryptonite, Don't press your luck on this tournament, When I'm done, I'll hang you like an ornament."

A weak rhyme to many, but a sort of "prediction" nonetheless. Nothing ever put a "stop" to Tha Soloist and his dream.

He went from writing a few lines to saving up enough money to purchase a Fostex 8-track digital recorder, an EMU-MP7 synthesizer and an MCA SP1 microphone. He would record day and night as D.U.S.T (Deep, Unique,Sincere, Thoughts). Writing, Producing and Mixing, while still dabbling in Art. His friends were into Hip-Hop but not the way he was, so he was forced to do it all alone.

As technology advanced so did his love for Music. He was in awe when he heard Wu-Tang Clan's 'Wu-Tang Forever' for the first time. The beats, the rhymes, the wordplay. It was like a breath of fresh air (His Art wasn't taking up as many pages in his notebooks anymore) Years later he purchased Pro Tools (a recording software), and started to burn CD's of his music, Handing them out in the streets of New York City.

As soon as he uploaded his music on the internet he realized that the World Wide Web would be a great way to promote his new passion.

As his fan-base grew he felt like coming up with a new name that would describe him in one or two words. Tha Soloist.

Menace, co-host of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio heard a remix he had put together and started to spread the word about this "Soloist" guy. They had a chance to chop it up one night and Menace came up with a great idea. Tha Soloist would put a mix-tape together by sampling Coldplay songs along with another concept. The entire mix-tape would be about a young Marine's life. 'The Cold Play' was considered to be ahead of it's time by many people, getting air-play on Menace's radio show hosted by Mista Montana.

2010. Tha Soloist dropped a mix-tape called 'Cause of the Fatherless' This was the one that would grab the attention of both artists and fans alike.

A few months later Tha Soloist was signed to RedPhone Records after being noticed for his passion and incredible work ethic. He is currently working on his debut album, 'April Showers' which will be released on the date of his fathers death.