I was born in 1988 in bloody north Serbia,where I am living now,in that time it was Yugoslavia.Young producer/audio engineer I start listening hip hop in 1998 as a kid,going trough hard times ,poor life and all wars (bosnia war,croatia war,nato attack,Kosovo - albanian war etc),I founded myself in hip hop music,and in 2003 I create my first hip hop crew called G-Crew(in that time 5 members,now 3 G-Crew members left),I was a emcee and a producer in that time working and producing beats for a bunch ex Yugoslavian underground emcees dropping 2 LP's as a G-Crew member in 2010 i quit emceeing and starts my international carreer when made my debute producer album called "International notes" in summer 2011, which one is still available as free download on all underground hip hop pages..quality and dope emcees (38 artists) lined up on my album on 21 tracks,such as Tribeca,Ripshop,Lateb,Heddshots,Sick Since,Vendetta Kingz,Genocide,TMB,LCOB members,Amadeus the Stampede..many many more. Quality hardcore underground beats made for real hip hop heads with a great lyrics placed on them. Still my time is comming,prepare for my second LP in 2012 working with well respected artists ,plus with RPR artists too. My time is comming.